Crowns and Bridges


crowns and bridges


Crowns are placed on the teeth that are weak or badly broken with large restoration and on root treated teeth.
Crowns cover the entire outer surface of the tooth. They are designed individually to give an aesthetically appealing look.


A bridge consists of multiple of crowns attached together to close gap left by one or more missing teeth. Attention must be paid in oral hygiene to keep area underneath the bridge clean. Hygienist will be able to advise and demonstrate the technique suitable for you.

Procedure for Crowns/Bridge

– Teeth are prepared and all the registration taken for the laboratory to construct crown/bridge.
– Temporary crown/bridge placed to safeguard the space between teeth.
– 2-3 weeks later temporary crowns/bridge removed, definitive restoration placed if patient is happy then it is cemented.
– Care advice is given.