Composite bonding is an excellent treatment that has seen increasing popularity for patients seeking a beautifully aesthetic, yet natural-looking smile.We can create really striking results with composite bonding, especially when it is used in conjunction with other treatments as part of a personalised cosmetic dentistry plan.

How does composite bonding work?
Composite bonding is an excellent dental procedure for creating a more uniform size and shape to the teeth, disguising imperfections such as chipped teeth, cracked teeth, gaps in the smile, short and worn teeth, and staining.

Using dental composite, which is the same strong material used for our aesthetic white fillings, we are able to shape and mould the product to perfect the look of the teeth.

Composite bonding is a very safe and minimally invasive technique of cosmetic dentistry. This means that we don’t have to remove any of the tooth structure in order to carry out the treatment.

The treatment begins by working with the patient to choose the correct shade to ensure an excellent match with the rest of the teeth. We then prepare the tooth (or teeth) with a method called etching, which allows the composite to adhere to the tooth. After this, the composite is applied and moulded into the desired shape. The composite is cured with a special light and then we can shape it a little more if required before polishing it

The benefits of composite bonding

Composite bonding is not a new technique, but thanks to the latest highly-advanced products we are able to shape, mould, and polish the material better than ever before, providing our patients with all of these great benefits:

  • A low cost yet highly effective treatment
  • It is a quick and simple procedure
  • Composite bonding is completely painless
  • We can create naturally aesthetic results that our patients love!

This is a great treatment for small tweaks and adjustments, which is why we often combine it with other dental treatments such as Invisalign orthodontic treatment or tooth whitening first.

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