For patients who require a filling we are pleased to be able to offer white dental fillings as the most aesthetic option. These are an excellent solution for those who would prefer not to have visible silver fillings.

Crafted from dental composite, white dental fillings are almost undetectable in the mouth. The material can be matched to a patient’s own tooth colour, creating a natural and beautiful result.

Silver fillings have traditionally been the strongest solution available, which is why historically dentists have opted to use them in the back teeth. However, thanks to new advancements in the products available, white fillings are now just as durable as silver ones. The dental team at Hatfield Dental will always discuss the pros and cons of each in order to help patients select the right type of filling for their individual needs.

The procedure
As with any type of filling, we will first remove any decay or plaque on the tooth to be treated before cleaning and drying it. The area is then prepared using a process called etching, and then a bonding solution is applied. The dental composite material will then be moulded into placed and cured with a small curing light. We will then polish the filling and show the patient the stunning final result.

White dental fillings are available for patients who require new fillings, but we can also replace old, silver fillings to create a more appealing smile.

Due to its highly aesthetic nature, we can also use dental composite filling material to fix chipped or cracked teeth, or to even out the shape of the teeth. This is called composite bonding.

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