At Hatfield Dental Practice we believe in providing high quality dental care for the whole family in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Our practice offers modern dentistry that is accessible and affordable. Most of our new patients are recommended by our existing patients who are happy with the care they have been receiving over the years.

Our patients are encouraged to attend the surgery for a six monthly dental check up and hygiene visit to ensure we maintain the teeth in great condition.

At all routine dental examination visits we check:

* Teeth and gums.

* Oral cancer screening carried out.

* Check all muscles which allow jaw movements. Teeth clenching and grinding can give rise to severe wear and tooth fracture making teeth sensitive. Early detection prevents complex dentistry in later life.

* Full advice given on the preventative care.

* Intra oral camera used to show patients decayed teeth or leaky fillings and plaque and tartar around the teeth

If you would like to discuss any of our services please contact us by clicking here, or chat with us online. We also have a range of finance options to suit so please click here for our online calculator, and here if you wish to browse dentistry fee’s or here for fee’s on our facial aesthetics.