For patients who suffer with missing teeth, there are a variety of solutions available including dental implants, crowns and bridges, or dentures. Each solution has its own merits and the choices will often come down to the clinical condition of each individual patient, as well as their own personal preference based on factors like lifestyle and budget.

Replacing missing teeth with dentures allows patients to eat, drink, speak, and smile with better function, providing an enhanced quality of life. They also help to restore the natural face shape, as many patients suffer with sunken lips and cheeks as a result of missing teeth.

At Hatfield Dental Care, in addition to NHS dentures we are pleased to offer our patients aesthetic dentures as part of our private dental care service.

What are aesthetic dentures?
Unlike the dentures we are able to provide under the NHS, if patients choose a private dental care option then we are able to offer much more choice with regard to the material that the dentures are made from.

We offer a wide variety of aesthetic dentures including:
• Chrome dentures
• Velopast/flexible thin dentures
• Partial denture
• Over denture
• Immediate dentures
• Implant-retained dentures.

Each type of denture is quite different from one another and in some cases is beneficial for specific indications. For example, some are best for full dentures while others are more suited for the replacement of a few teeth. At Hatfield Dental Care, our dentists will take the type to explain the best treatment options for each patient’s individual circumstance to allow them to make an informed decision about the best type of denture for their own needs.

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