Dental crowns are a common dental procedure, used to treat teeth that are too badly damaged or decayed for a filling.

By treating a damaged tooth with a crown, in most cases we are able to save it from further damage and prevent losing the tooth entirely. At Hatfield Dental Care, our focus is to preserve as much natural dentition as possible.

At Hatfield Dental Care, in addition to NHS crowns we are pleased to offer our patients aesthetic crowns as part of our private dental care service.

What are aesthetic crowns?
Our aesthetic crowns are offered to patients as a private dental option, which is why we are able to offer more choice in terms of material than we can with our NHS crowns. This means that the results are often far more aesthetic and in keeping with the rest of the natural smile.

At Hatfield Dental Care, we are proud of our highly aesthetic crowns and our patients love them too. We start by taking an impression of the teeth that will be sent to our expert dental laboratory where the actual crown will be made. The size, shape, and colour of the existing teeth will be taken into consideration and discussed with the patient to ensure that we are providing the best information for the lab to work with.

At Hatfield Dental Care we have an excellent working relationship with our dental laboratory, which is why the restorations that they produce are of the best quality and always exceeds our patient’s expectations. With our aesthetic crowns, no one will be able to tell the crown from the natural teeth!

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